You Should Know Anti Martingale System

There are many strategies like Anti Martingle System, which are used by expert advisory firms like TradeNexa, to trade effectively. The traders can also trade on the basis of accurate Stock Option Tips and Option Trading Tips from expert technical analysts from TradeNexa.

The Anti-Martingale system is an investment tactic that multiplies the points of securities that experience gains. By using anti-Martingale method, investors will overweight their winning investments with a hope that they continue to rise.

The system of Anti-Martingale is based on the concept of increasing the amount of money allocated in the investment / trading portfolio that are showing the most gain. This model is risky since investors are overweighting their portfolio with securities that have already increased sharply.

To exemplify the anti Martingale system: – suppose a portfolio comprises 10 shares of ABC stock purchased at $100 each ($1,000 total value). Say that ABC stock then grows from $100 to $200. The anti martingale system will call for the portfolio manager to purchase 10 extra ABC shares for $200.

It is to be noted that the Martingale system, which purchases securities that are decreasing in price, not rising in price.  The Anti-Martingale system can be a suitable tool in case of rising markets, which allows investors to focus more of their portfolio on successful investments, which can increase gain if they continue to rise.

When writing on Anti Martingale system, it is necessary to focus a point on Martingale System to identify the difference. The Martingale system is uncomplicated. You will place a bet on either black or red with the purpose of winning the same amount as the bet.    If the bet wins you leave with the one bet profit. If it goes down you double your bet, so if you win this time you will still walk away with the one bet profit. You will continue to double up until you win. This seems foolproof till you think what happens when you have a losing run.

For instance, you might start with the plan of winning $20. After 5-straight losses, your bet will be $640, having already lost $620. Can you pay for the next bet of $1280, or the next $2560? With the Martingale system you will have many small short-term wins, but the time it goes in the wrong, it will cost you many times your stake.

The Anti-Martingale System takes an entirely different approach. While the Martingale system suggests a sequence of small wins by risking a huge amount, Anti-Martingale System offers the rare big win by risking a small amount. When using this system you will begin with a set number of wins you would like to attain in a row when betting on black or red. This may be 3, 4 or 5 wins in a row, and you will want to set a realistic number. You will then place a bet, and if the bet wins, double the stake. You will double the stake every time you win till you strike your target number.

For instance, when you decide to risk $10 and your plan is to win 4-times in a row. The first 7 attempts all fall over before you get 4 straight wins where you are $70 down. The eighth time you hit your chosen red and double up to $20.   You have to hit again and again. Your bet is now $80 and you hit red for a fourth time. Now you have $160 and having got your target you now stop and take your winnings.

When using Anti-Martingale System, you will never be risking a big amount, as you will only ever be in a status to lose that initial bet.  Sometimes you will also have that big win, meaning you will walk away with a decent profit.  Anti-Martingale System could be a model one, since there will be many instances when you will get more than one spin for your early bet.

Anti-Martingale is an ideal system for a safety first approach, where you will want your chips to last a while, but the system also offers an opportunity for a big win. There will be some occasions when you will quit with a profit, however, the long losing runs can be frustrating. Eventually, any system in roulette will be a losing one in the long term, as it is not feasible to beat the house edge, but using Anti-Martingale system can make the experience more pleasant. TradeNexa is legal stock advisor from Rajasthan and service provider of Stock Option Tips and Option Trading Tips.