How to Trade In Nifty Futures?

If you want to trade in nifty futures, you can do so by trading on the basis of Stock Future Tips from expert advisers like TradeNexa. Today we are going discuss nifty futures. We are also going to talk about the Indian stock market as well. Indian stock market includes NSE and BSE. Let’s have a look at NSE and BSE.

The full form of NSE is National Stock Exchange.  It is situated in Mumbai. It is leading stock exchange. NSE is world’s largest stock market. NSE has a fully-integrated type of model that consists of a market data feeds, trading services, technology solutions. NSE was established in the year 1992. NSE was first established as an exchange market in the country.  NSE provides the fully automated type of screen-based system, which offers the trading facility to the investors across the country.

NSE offers trading as well as investment in following sectors:
1. Equities.
2. Indices.
3. Initial Public Offering.
4. Mutual funds.
5. Security Borrowing as well as lending.

What are the objectives of NSE?
The supreme objective of the NSE is to provide security, so as to establish trading and also facility. NSE has achieved all of its objectives in a very short time interval. There are also different stock market segments, these are 1. Options  2. Futures

The full form of BSE is Bombay Stock Exchange. It is one of the oldest exchanges of Asia. BSE was established in 1875. This is also the one of the biggest stock exchange in the today’s world. BSE is situated in Dalal Street in Mumbai. The founder of BSE was Premchand Roychand. He was a very influential person in the 19th century. BSE is the only stock exchange, which was recognized by the government of India. has also enabled the investors, wherever in the world to trade on BSE platform. Security in the BSE includes index futures, weekly options, stock, stock futures. BSE performance is measured by Sensex. If talking about BSE list of companies that includes 6,000 companies. BSE is one the largest stock exchange, as it covers 12 sectors.

Why one should trade in Nifty futures:
Nifty futures mainly trade future in India. Nifty future is commonly based on market prices of the securities. Future is the purest form of derivatives. Nifty future was traded on the intraday with a very less margin. Maximum timeline for nifty future is 3 month. If you want to do nifty trade future then first and foremost thing you have to do is contact some advisory registered with SEBI.

The important thing to keep in mind is to have a complete knowledge of lot size. For example, NIFTY50 is traded in a lot of 75. This means that one has to sell or buy a minimum size of 1 and it contains 75 units. In the multiple also this quantity (Lot Size) is same.

Trade in future market:

There are few strategies, which you must follow, these are:
1. Long Index futures, short stock:
There is a situation when the market goes upside in the corresponding market. The profit of the investors will tell the difference. Index future will be helpful to minimize the risk.

2. Short index future, Equity Portfolio:
The condition is when you are very uncomfortable about the market condition. You can get rid of the risk by selling the index futures. The expert analysts generate accurate Stock Futures Tips, based on these strategies.


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