What is Future Segment in Stock Market

Stock Future segment is a segment that is managed by National Stock Exchange. This is mainly offered to the traders. It also allows investors as well as traders to indulge in a very speculative way of trading. You can trade on the basis of Stock Future Tips from expert analysts to gain good profits. In this very article, you will understand some very important concepts of future stock segments.

Everyone is connected to sentiments in some way. Likewise even stock market runs on the sentiments. Thereafter, investors and traders are always keen for profitable position in the market. If you are going to do trading in the future segment then for everyone it may come as a game changer. If the trader has to trade then he must have to do lot of trading to get big margins.

Stock Future segments lot size:
The lot size that is available as security in the future may vary from stock to stock. The minimum criteria to trade future contracts on any security are that it value cannot be less than 5 lakhs. The permitted size that is available in a future segment is same until different exchanges are considered. You can also understand by this example.

For example, suppose if the price of Reliance Industry is Rs 850. If talking about future segment rule then the lot size calculations can be done in the following way till value of 5,00,000. If calculating by 5,00,000/850 then it will be 589. Hence, the lot size will be in and around 500 to 600.

Margin amount in the stock future segment:
Talking about, what is margin amount? Margin amount is the amount that is kept safely in the Demat account of investors in the market. The provided margin is kept as a security. The most important thing about margin amount is if you are going to enter into any future contract then margin amount is compulsory.

Example of stock future segment:
The investors or traders in the future market not only take positions in respective securities but they can also take part in the indices. Similarly, the future position can also take part in Bank nifty future, nifty future, Metal Nifty Future and likewise in many more.

Knowledge about stock future segment:
Stock future trading is never going to be easy at all. It requires lot of marketplaces, experience as well as knowledge so that you can gain much more than you are expecting. In other words, stock market will take all of your money, if you don’t have proper knowledge. The information is important as well as experience is important. Stock future segment is a type of derivative of the stock market. The advisory firms like TradeNexa can help you in every possible manner so that you can overcome challenges involved in stock market. It will also help you to choose the correct position every time.