Which one is better–Technical or Fundamental Analysis?

In this article we will discuss both the technical analysis and fundamental analysis which are used in generating accurate Stock Future Tips.

1. Technical Analysis:
It is a type of method which can be used to make the sell as well as buy decision. This is performed by using the market statistics. It primarily involves studying the charts that shows the statistics and trading history.

How It Actually Works?
If you are performing the Technical analysis, the investors will start with the charts showing the trend, volume and also the price of a particular security. The idea behind these charts is to identify changes made in the trend and also to identify trends. There are so many types of patterns and trends. Some of the patterns are the triangle, rectangle, candlesticks, inverted heads, and shoulders. Some of them also use indicators such as oscillators and indicators. Some of the parameters involved in Technical analysis are support and resistance and simple moving averages. Simple moving average is the type of indicator that will help to access the stock trends from averaging everyday price on a particular time period.

Advantages of Technical analysis:

A. It will tell you when to enter to when to exit:
Technical analysis will let you know when to take entry as well as when to take the exit.

B. It will also provide you with current information:
Price will make you reflect all of the known information about property or asset. Prices may get decreased or increased but the current point is the only balancing point of all. 

C. Give you insight into the volume trend:
It will let you know about the volume trends.

D. The pattern will give you some pattern:
You may thus use the pattern as a guideline so that can sell or buy the decisions.

2. Fundamental Analysis:
Fundamental Analysis is a type of calculation on securities and an attempt to calculate the internal value of the stock. It is also defined as the type of the overall industry and also the whole economy. The Fundamental analysis is to manage companies, assets, expense and also the liability.

Advantages of Fundamental analysis:

A. Use of analytical method:
It is based on the sound finance data. This will lead to an elimination of the personal bias.

B. Better Understand:
A better understanding can give you efficient knowledge about the share market.

C. The systematic approach so that can reduce the value:
The analytical tools, as well as statistical tools, will help you in buying and selling. They are used for generating the recommendations.

Fundamental Vs Technical:
Fundamental analysis is the long-term approach whereas technical is short-term analysis. In the Fundamental analysis, data is gathered from the financial statement. The technical analysis is done through charts. The concept on which i fundamental analysis is based is return on equity and the concept used in technical analysis is price data and Dow Theory.
The technical analysts generate accurate Stock Future Tips through technical analysis and Fundamental analysis.