Risk Management in Share Trading

Risk management is the process of identification and analysis of Investments decision. Risk management is the skill of deciding what the risks in a particular situation and taking action to
reduce them. In any business comes many risks and businessman faces them by searching the solution and go ahead. If an investor has good business quality and knows unique techniques of the share market, he achieves the growth.One can trade on the basis of Share Market Tips to trade effectively in the equity market.

Here are some key points
1. Make a plan
Planning is important before any work is done. Without planning you cannot achieve the success. Before working on your goal make a perfect plan. Planning is simply saying- "Think Ahead".

2. Be Proactive
Effective risk management is Proactive, not reactive. Risk management process is not a long-term mission. The risk management process identifies the problems, search options and makes a plan. It
should be purely Proactive.

3. Identify the risk
The first step of the risk management process identifies the risk. What a risk looks like.

4. Conduct a SWOT analysis
SWOT analysis examines your strengths weaknesses and opportunities. Identifying the factors is important for your planning.

5. Conduct a PEST analysis
The political, economic, social and technological factors that affect your business need to be identified. You need to know perfectly as well as understand that factors.

6. Prepare your response
For each risk, you identify, quantify it according to the seriousness of its potential impact.

7. Be Conscious
Risk management is not a one-time exercise, its continuous process. A trader should know about varieties of trends in the industry.

8. Take a long-term perspective. 
Always keep a long-term perspective. Accept it as a part of your business and do hard work on them. Risk management should be the part of business strategy and
you should be putting it into your planning. All businesses and organizations face the risk events. It is a natural process.

Some Benefits of a Risk Management Plan
1. This process of saving your valuable resources- Time, Income, Assets, People, and Property.
2. Creating the safe environment for staff, visitors end customers.
3. Increase the stability
4. Protecting people from harm
5. Protecting the environment
6. Save your unnecessary premium

Importance of Risk Management
Successful project manager recognizes risk management is important because achieving a goal depends on planning, preparations, results, and evaluation.

1. Planning For Success
A good planning gives you the success. Planning is the main source for achieving your success.

2. Help With Depression
Without preparation, you cannot make a good plan. If you are completely prepared for work you get success.

3. Maximize Results
In risk management process you minimize the risks and project are finished on time. Effective risk management process maximizes profit and minimizes expenses on activities that give good results.

4. Help Evaluation
In the last step, you can evaluate your planning as well as see the good or bad results. We can know our mistakes in planning through the evolution and next time we make a perfect planning. Evolution
helps us erase our mistakes and we can be used new techniques in our planning. It's good for us. Thus, risk management can be effective utilized along with Share Market Tips.