What are stock Options in easy to understand terms?

A stock option gives the holder the right to purchase 100 shares of a particular underlying stock at a specified strike price on or before the options expiration date.

In the stock options time is very important. Time value plays an important role in the price of an option. A buyer takes the risk of having to buy or sell shares to the option buyer at the strike price.
One can use the broker for advice and guidance on matters related to options trading.

If you want to start trading you should  understand the details of a stock option and trade on the basis of Stock Option Tips. Implied volatility is based on what Marketplace implies and what will be the volatility of the stock in the future. It is the most important concept that needs to be understood by the traders.

6 things to know before you trade
1. Option trading is for the DIY investor
Traders also work as an investor in the stock market. They dont work directly but they take help and work with an advisor. Advisors tell traders about market strategies, risk and movements of price. They suggest you to take right decisions.

2. Most beginners start with stock option
Options are based on equities. Stock Option is typical for traders. It is important to understand moves of stocks.

3. There are different types of options
There are two types of options contract- call option and put option. In a call option there is the right to purchase 100 shares of a specific price in a specified time. In a put option, there is right to sell 100 shares of a specified security at specified price within a specified time.

4. Options trade on different underlying securities
Options can be used in many ways and with different types of security.

5. Option trading is all about calculated risk
As a trader, you need to concern yourself with two forms of volatility-
Historical volatility
Historical volatility represents how much the stock price fluctuated on a daily basis.

Implied volatility
Implied volatility is based on what the market place is implying the volatility of the stock in the
future. Implied volatility is important to understand the traders.

6. Option trading start with your financial goals
Many investors and traders have a clear understanding of their goals and position in the market.

The best thing you can do before investment in stock market is clearly define your investing goals. If you perfectly know all concepts of stock, you can take the right decision and get success easily.

Stock option trading is very risky. Trading in option is very complicated. So if you want to trade effectively, you can do so by trading on the basis of Stock Option Tips from expert advisors.